Zana Bajlo


Operations Efficiency

For the past 24 years, Zana’s career has been fueled by the idea of reinventing the status quo to optimize outcomes. As a market and operations consultant, she applies her proven skillset, built upon years of successful experiences in sales, sales development, and leadership. Her industry experience includes medical devices and assisting healthcare organizations and vendors to flourish in the fast-growing ambulatory segment by refocusing their workflow processes for higher productivity.

Zana’s journey began in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and carried onto medical devices, equipment, therapies, and infection control. Her knowledge had been fortified through positions at Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Medtronic, Covidien, and Cantel Medical where she exceeded all expectations and improved the business landscape with innovative concepts and building synergistic teams. 

 Zana’s most rewarding project was building a new business model for Cantel, to address their need to compete in the ambulatory surgery center space. Zana had assembled a dedicated team to execute her new strategy utilizing the INSPIRE sales process, which she designed by validating the key success factors during implementation to develop a repeatable process that consistently achieved the customers goals and obtained a greater market share for Cantel. 

Zana is a graduate with a BS from the College of Natural Science,  Michigan State University, majoring in Psychology and Physiology, and a BA in Business, also from Michigan State, with a minor in Professional Writing.